Film : Thomas Granovsky

Synopsis : Travaillant depuis quelques années avec Alessio Cocchi dans différent projet photographique. Il était naturelle que je lui propose un portrait. Réalisé entre deux prises de vue, le temps de capter quelques paroles et un trait de son style. Un portrait en Italien, bientôt sous-titré.

Life is full of surprises, sometimes beautiful, sometimes wonderful. The most beautiful surprise for me was being able to photograph, seeing all of my world through a lens. At the age of 8 I received my first Kodak Instamatic as a gift and from that day onwards I never stopped taking photos. I’ve always brought a camera with me everywhere and while at the start it was only a passion, later on it became a job as well. Anyway, I have never worked in my life, I have just kept doing what I liked the most, taking photos. My first studio in Florence was obtained though many sacrifices and taught me that light can change the sense of things. My second studio, also in Florence, was made with lots of energy and taught me that with the right people you can achieve great results. My third studio in Milan taught me that my style can help the style of other people. I photographed for many brands in the world of fashion and by mentioning some of them I would like to thank them for what I learnt during the projects we worked on together.

Salvatore Ferragamo, with the one of a kind shoes and accessories that can be balanced to reach perfection and Mrs Wanda Ferragamo who personally directs on the set. Prada, with Mr Bertelli’s Luna Rossa project and their successes in the regattas, the shoes, unique example of design. Dolce&Gabbana which painted my studio gold and left the scent of Sicily. Tom Ford who asked me for a lighting test on a pair of glasses and from there my dream started. Gucci, first with Tom Ford and later with Frida Giannini, for 20 years of photography, videos and magnificent projects that made my dream come true. Now, while I’m writing, I have my camera beside me and I’m thinking of what I saw through that lens: I saw my whole life and all my dreams, I met wonderful people and travelled all around the world, in my photos I captured all that is continuously moving in my dreams: fantasy.

Alessio Cocchi